Flitetec Scope of Work:

The Production and Repair/Maintenance of Non-Structural Aircraft Cabin Interiors, principally including; Plastic Mouldings and Assemblies, Non-Structural Component Assemblies, Privacy Door Locks and Latches, and Seat Refurbishments. All Produced and Repaired to EASA/CAA Approved Design Data, using materials conforming to EASA Requirements; pertinent to the Part 21 and Part 145 Approvals held.

EASA Part 21 Sub-Part G – UK.21G.2223

EASA Part 145 – UK.145.00298

Approved Design Data:

Flitetec has the capability to release parts with an EASA Form 1; working in conjunction with approved Sub-Part J Companies.

Flitetec has an established relationship with our preferred Sub-Part J Companies, where Flitetec Design Data is required for either reverse engineered or brand new designs.

Flitetec also has the ability to work with Customer Design Data, establishing a DOA / POA Arrangement with the specific Design House i.a.w. EASA Requirements; pertinent to the Customers Requirements.